What Others Are Saying

I have absolutely loved having my beauty fridge in my bedroom, it has made my beauty routine really convenient and versatile. I love using the cold setting to cool my crystal rollers, face mist moisturisers and face masks, it’s made my skincare routine so much fun & I have loved the hot setting to heat up damp clean cloths! Every ladies must need!!


"This beauty fridge has been a game changer to my skincare routine!! My skin texture and pigmentation has improved and I 100% believe it has been from keeping my beauty products refrigerated! My perfumes have lasted so much better in my little beauty fridge and it is the best feeling being able to use a cooled mask at the end of a busy day! Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their skincare routine ”


I'm really enjoying my OneStoneBeauty beauty fridge. Having some items chilled is such a great way to end the day. Can't wait to end the summer days with some chilled moments.


Absolutely loving my new beauty fridge from OneStoneBeauty, I thought maybe i was being extra getting a fridge but have wanted one for ages and it gives extra benefits to the skin as well. Also fits in so much nicer since my beauty desk has also been repainted too!